Welcome Interest Banks 2019


We know that banks offer different interest rates on deposits in Turkey and we will try to mention some banks offerGood Finance interest particularly welcome you here today.

Accumulation of interest


If you have a certain accumulation of interest and you want to invest interest and earn interest, some banks have great interest rates , especially for the first 12 months . You can make your money quite valuable in these 12 months If you are ready, let’s first define the welcome interest and then let’s look at the welcome interest rates of some banks…

What is Welcome Interest?


The time deposit account is the name given to the types of accounts where you can save a certain amount of save Good Finances or bulk money that you hold under the pillow, and you can earn additional income from this money, and the welcome interest is usually offered to you through the time deposit account.

When we look at it, we know that many domestic banks are able to offer welcome interest, from Good Finance Bank to ABC. These interest rates are generally valid for the first 12 months deposit accounts and you will be offered new interest rates in the next 12 months.

Welcome interest can be said to be a good way, especially for net income from your bulk money. The only drawback is that you have the right to withdraw your money at regular intervals, and when you set yourself well, you can easily withdraw your interest on the allowed shoot Good Finance dates by continue Good Finance to earn income without break Good Finance interest. Your remaine Good Finance amount will continue to receive the welcome interest and the remain Good Finance amount will be charged each month.

So, which banks offer welcome interest? Which banks offer the most advantageous welcome interest?

Welcome Interest Banks

Welcome Interest Banks

Below we’ll list a few banks that can offer you a welcome interest, especially if you keep your money in the account for the first 12 months. These banks are generally the most experienced and most interest-bear Good Finance banks in the field. You can choose one of these banks and start evaluate Good Finance your money here with welcome interest, and even make a live Good Finance with the interest amount each month.

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