Credit for Dental Treatment

If it is up to our health insurance companies, then at best they only want to provide basic care for their insured. All further treatments, which may be important but not necessary, must be paid for by the patient. We notice this particularly clearly when we have to visit the dentist again. The checkout will take over the regular inspection and repair of holes. However, if it is a special filling, professional tooth cleaning or even dentures, the health insurance companies turn away and leave the field to the patient. They sometimes have to dig deep into their own pockets in order not only to be able to bite boldly, but also to have aesthetically beautiful and well-groomed teeth. Because healthy and beautifully looking teeth last longer and are more reluctant to purchase expensive dentures.

Out of necessity

Of course, many patients want their teeth to look particularly beautiful. You probably won’t be any different. However, since the cost of extensive dental treatment is very high, a loan for dental treatment is increasingly being used. This should not only promptly provide the money needed for the treatment. It is also intended to ensure that the burden of the dental treatment loan is distributed as evenly as possible. Therefore, many patients opt for an installment loan that can be customized.

Where can I get the credit for good dental treatment?

Where can I get the credit for good dental treatment?

If the dentist does not provide a financing offer himself, the credit for dental treatment can be taken out at any bank. Since it is an installment loan, the bank does not even have to be told what the money is needed for. Based on the healing and cost plan that the dentist has to draw up, you can see exactly how much money has to be paid for the treatment. As a borrower, you can directly determine what money you can take out of your own funds and how much the loan amount must be.

We recommend that you take out a small loan that you can repay to the bank within 2 years if possible. The repayment is kept within a manageable range and the financial burden that you are faced with each month can also be classified as moderate.

Before you sign a loan agreement, you should compare several loan offers. Even if the interest on a small loan is not really high, with the help of a comparison one or the other USD can be saved. And you shouldn’t miss this.

By the way: Before you take out a loan for dental treatment, you should check whether you may have dental insurance. This can be taken out in addition to health insurance and assumes various costs for dental treatment or for the purchase of dentures that are not covered by the statutory health insurance. If you have such insurance, it is worthwhile to submit the dentist’s treatment and cost plan there first. With a little luck, you can transfer some of the costs to the insurance company, which will reduce your additional payment. Only then should you think about a dental treatment loan.


Take Out Tax Consultant Exam Credit

Benjamin Franklin said: “Nothing in this world is safe except death and taxes.”
Since death can only be influenced to a limited extent, we want to turn to taxes, which are the real horror for many consumers. If the tax office asks for the tax return, then many despair of the copy and would rather give their documents to a tax advisor than take action themselves.

Many tax advisors therefore offer their support and can make a good living from it. No wonder that this is a desirable profession for many people, but one that cannot be practiced easily. Because if you want to earn a living as a tax consultant, you have to complete an appropriate training, at the end of which is the provision of a proof of knowledge. The official examination according to the tax advice law is a basic requirement for the exercise of the profession. However, since the cost of the examination must be borne by the examinee himself, it may well be that a loan for the tax consultant examination must be taken out.

What is the cost of the exam?

What is the cost of the exam?

In our latitudes, only those who are continuously educated are successful. The qualification as a tax consultant is one such option for further training, which opens many doors professionally. If only the pure examination fee has to be paid, then the costs amount to 200 USD. A sum for which, as a rule, no loan has to be taken out for a tax consultant examination, since everyone should have this 200 USD available. In addition, there will probably be no bank that grants such a small loan.

If, despite all of this, there are problems with the payment of the fee, the overdraft facility could be used at short notice or friends or relatives asked for the sum. It looks a little different if, in addition to the fee for the exam, the preparation for the exam also has to be paid. This is not cheap and can be up to 5,000 USD. Here, a loan for the tax consultant examination can make sense.

The path is rocky

So it is sometimes not enough to just think of the pure examination fee when considering a loan for a tax consultant exam. Because if you want to be admitted to the exam, you must have the appropriate professional qualification. In addition, professional experience must be available, which can range from 3 to 10 years, depending on the training.

If a distance learning course is chosen for the training as a tax consultant, then monthly costs are incurred. About 150 USD per month. A course of study usually takes 24 months. Within this time, costs of 3,600 USD are incurred. In addition, there are the costs for books, software and other training opportunities, as well as reference works that the examinee has to bear himself. On top of that, seminars that should definitely be attended during the training, but also incur additional costs.

All in all, the 5,000 USD that we have estimated as the total costs for the tax consultant examination are estimated positively and realistic. If you want to finance this sum with the help of a loan for tax consultant examination, you should compare some offers to find a fair loan on good terms.

The installment loan as the best solution

The installment loan as the best solution

The easiest and fastest way to take out the installment loan. It is available from every bank and can be found very easily with the help of a comparison using a loan calculator. Good loan offers offer an effective interest rate of less than 3 percent. Even if the loan amount is 5,000 USD.

For borrowing, it must be ensured that there is a good credit rating, otherwise the effective interest rate would rise immeasurably and would make the loan more expensive unnecessarily. If a good credit rating cannot be applied on one’s own, a surety is worthwhile. This secures the loan and puts the admission on a safe footing.


Credit despite 2 credits

Taking out a loan is particularly easy for us today. In the past, you almost had to beg from the banks to get a loan, but today it is the banks that offer us their services and therefore also loans on every corner. Hardly any bank does without advertising in which it suggests to the customer how easy it is to take out a loan. And that with low interest rates and small, manageable rates.

It is no wonder that many consumers are guided by such offers and would rather take out a loan than save money to buy or fulfill a wish. Then one or two loans quickly came together, which have to be serviced at the same time.

If you have a good income, you won’t see any problems in it. But what to do if you want to take out another loan? Is it also so easy to get? Or is there something to consider with a loan despite 2 loans?

The creditworthiness decides when borrowing

As long as you have a sufficiently high credit rating, no bank will put a stone in your way when borrowing. After all, the only thing that matters is whether you can service the loans on time. And if you succeed in doing this, a loan is easily available from any bank despite two loans.

However, the bank may ask you why you are still taking out a loan. Above all, this can happen if you want a large loan amount. Then it looks a little more closely, which history the borrower has and which financial transactions accompany him every month.

In addition, the bank may recommend that you merge all loans. So you have only one creditor, can use a low interest rate on all loans and reduce the monthly charge. However, whether such a summary is possible depends on the agreements you have made with the individual donors in this regard. An early redemption should be agreed in the loan agreement so that it can be carried out without high costs.

The easiest way to get a loan here, despite 2 loans

The easiest way to get a loan here, despite 2 loans

If you decide to take out a consumer loan, you will have no problem with a positive Credit Bureau to take out a loan despite 2 loans. The dealer really only looks at your Credit Bureau when it is issued, and if there is no negative entry, the loan is awarded.

Even a small installment loan should not pose any problems when it comes to admission. However, make sure that borrowing goes smoothly. Have all the necessary documents ready and calculate the financial scope you have for another loan. Keep in mind that life can sometimes have surprises that require additional financial commitment. Another loan cannot always be taken out. So be generous when it comes to calculating the financial expenses for your lifestyle and only use the money to repay a loan, which is really at your free disposal.


Loan with a term of 180 months

A fulfilled life in which there is at least one car, a well-furnished apartment and regular vacations costs a lot of money. Sometimes these amenities are therefore not only paid for by your own savings. Especially when a larger, expensive purchase is planned, many consumers resort to a loan. For larger investments, we would be happy to provide a loan with a term of 180 months that promises small installments over a long period.

And even if the monthly interest on a loan with such a long term is higher than on a loan with a short term, these loans also offer many advantages. And these can not only be found in the low monthly load. We would like to explain to you at this point what advantages these are and where you can apply for a loan with a term of 180 months.

Not all banks offer these loans

Not all banks offer these loans

If you start looking for a loan with a term of 180 months, you will quickly notice that it is not available everywhere. After all, it is a loan that is to be repaid over a period of 15 years. A long time when a lot can happen. Therefore, these long-term loans carry a relatively high risk of default, which many banks do not want to take. In addition, such long-term loans are always accompanied by high loan amounts, which not every bank likes to lend. At first glance, it can therefore seem a bit tedious to find a suitable loan offer. But if you look closely and compare, you will discover good offers at fair conditions.

The benefits of a 180 month loan

The benefits of a 180 month loan

A loan that is repaid over 15 years has several advantages. This long term means that you have small monthly installments that should only have a limited impact on your budget. The interest is also fixed on such a loan. If you benefit from a low interest rate now, you will be able to do so throughout the term. No matter how the effective interest rate may change over time. Your credit will always remain the same.

In addition, with such long terms, you always have the option of agreeing free special payments with the bank. Once you have more money available, you can let this flow into the loan and thus ensure that it can be redeemed early. This saves a lot of money, since the interest only has to be paid as long as the loan exists. If you trigger this prematurely, there will be no more interest payments.

With such a long term, you can also agree with the lending bank that you can reschedule free of charge if the interest rate improves. In many cases, a fixed time is agreed for this. Usually after half the term. You can then independently look for a better loan offer for the outstanding loan amount. Or you can simply wait for the offer from the bank that manages the loan. You as a customer do not want to lose this and will therefore make you a good offer for debt restructuring. If you accept this offer, the loan is only changed and you do not have to change banks. If you find a better offer, take out the new loan and use the money to delete the old loan.

Where a loan with a term of 180 months can be taken out

Sailboat captain steering sailboat at cloudy day while sailing over open sea

Since not all banks offer a loan with a term of 180 months, it is worth making a comparison beforehand via the Internet. The comparison will give you all the contact points for the loan and will also show the conditions on which the loan would be made available to you. Please keep in mind that you need a very good credit rating for a loan with such a long term. Furthermore, the lending bank will require a second co-applicant or at least a guarantor to reduce the risk of default. Last but not least, you should not forget that this loan will accompany you over a long period of time. Therefore, think about a residual debt insurance or at least about a risk life insurance, in order not to leave a large mountain of debt in the worst-case scenario.


Take out a loan for soldiers

Anyone who is involved in the armed forces today has committed to being a regular soldier. Because military service, as it had to be done for many decades, no longer exists. The armed forces has become an employer that can be described as quite attractive. Because not only good opportunities for advancement are offered. Those who commit themselves for a longer period of time can learn or even study at the armed forces.

The Confederation also counts as an employer in the public service, which brings various additional advantages. Especially if you want to take out a loan for soldiers.

Civil service loan or installment loan?

Civil service loan or installment loan?

In principle, there are two different loan options that can be taken up depending on the professional status and the type of loan.

On the one hand there is the classic civil servant loan, which is also available for employees in the public service. It is particularly well suited when larger loan amounts are required over a longer period of time, since this type of loan always involves paying into an insurance policy, which then replaces the loan at the end of the term. So if you finance a property or otherwise need a large installment loan, the classic civil servant loan can be exactly the right choice.

The installment loan from an independent bank can be the winner when you are looking for a small loan with a manageable term. If the bank learns that the loan is for a soldier, it will take great pains to create a loan that comes with particularly favorable terms. In addition, with the help of a credit comparison, you can probe in advance and see which bank has which offer. This has the advantage that you can have a great influence on the interest rate structure and only ask the bank for a loan, which already has good offers from the start.

The period of the commitment decides

The period of the commitment decides

Even if the armed forces is considered a solid employer, the loan still requires some security. As there are time contracts that the soldier can negotiate individually with the armed forces, the banks and savings banks only grant the loan to soldiers if it can be repaid within the period of the obligation. This means that loans with a long term and a large loan amount are only possible if the borrower has been with the armed forces for many years.

In addition, as with all other loans, the loan for soldiers must be secured with a good Credit Bureau. Those who have negative entries in the Credit Bureau will only get a good loan offer if they find a guarantor for the loan. This must be of high quality, otherwise no bank will engage in a loan agreement.

We also recommend that you always take out life insurance for large amounts of credit. You never know how life will develop. And especially with the armed forces, a deployment can quickly occur that does not run optimally and does not allow further deployment in the armed forces. Those who optimally secure themselves and their families in the event of an emergency need not have any doubts that the loan will become a debt trap.


How to check if there are better How To Check If There Are Better Offers In Different Banks To Reduce Mortgage Debt?

Most of the mortgage loans in Mexico are fixed-rate, this means that the contracted interest rate of the mortgage loan is the same during the time you spend to pay it, in some cases it can go down depending on the bank but never goes up. To reduce mortgage debt, it is necessary to review which banks offer the best offers.

To find the best offers offered by banks, the following factors must be taken into account:

Fees and expenses

Fees and expenses

These include the Total Annual Cost (CAT), the higher this amount is, the greater the actual cost to be settled from the credit. Also included are the socio-economic study, the opening of the administration and management of the payment of the annuity. The aforementioned are the basic expenses that are taken into account when calculating a mortgage loan.


It is a percentage of the total amount of the property that must be covered to access a housing loan. In some cases the bank offers as credit up to 90% depending on the value of the property, the remaining will be the down payment that must be paid by the applicant.

Deadlines to reduce mortgage debt

Deadlines to reduce mortgage debt

It is the time that will take you to pay the credit and interest.



When applying for a mortgage loan, life insurance and damage insurance are also acquired, provided by the same financial entity. The cost is included in commissions and expenses.

So that Mexican citizens can choose the best option and reduce mortgage debt, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef) makes available a mortgage credit simulator to make the best decision. With it, you will know which bank has the lowest interest rate, the cheapest monthly payments and the most comfortable initial outlay.

It also offers the option to visualize the promotional schemes offered by Goodcare Bank, Rose Bank and San Juanico Bank at a fixed rate with the balance of Infonavit housing sub-account.


Welcome Interest Banks 2019

We know that banks offer different interest rates on deposits in Turkey and we will try to mention some banks offerGood Finance interest particularly welcome you here today.

Accumulation of interest


If you have a certain accumulation of interest and you want to invest interest and earn interest, some banks have great interest rates , especially for the first 12 months . You can make your money quite valuable in these 12 months If you are ready, let’s first define the welcome interest and then let’s look at the welcome interest rates of some banks…

What is Welcome Interest?


The time deposit account is the name given to the types of accounts where you can save a certain amount of save Good Finances or bulk money that you hold under the pillow, and you can earn additional income from this money, and the welcome interest is usually offered to you through the time deposit account.

When we look at it, we know that many domestic banks are able to offer welcome interest, from Good Finance Bank to ABC. These interest rates are generally valid for the first 12 months deposit accounts and you will be offered new interest rates in the next 12 months.

Welcome interest can be said to be a good way, especially for net income from your bulk money. The only drawback is that you have the right to withdraw your money at regular intervals, and when you set yourself well, you can easily withdraw your interest on the allowed shoot Good Finance dates by continue Good Finance to earn income without break Good Finance interest. Your remaine Good Finance amount will continue to receive the welcome interest and the remain Good Finance amount will be charged each month.

So, which banks offer welcome interest? Which banks offer the most advantageous welcome interest?

Welcome Interest Banks

Below we’ll list a few banks that can offer you a welcome interest, especially if you keep your money in the account for the first 12 months. These banks are generally the most experienced and most interest-bear Good Finance banks in the field. You can choose one of these banks and start evaluate Good Finance your money here with welcome interest, and even make a live Good Finance with the interest amount each month.


Interest rate development

The year 2012 is almost over. Late December is traditionally the time to look back on the year behind us. Pearl puts together an overview of various interest rate developments.

Interest rate development – Revolving credit

The interest rate revolving credit has shown little spectacular in the past year. There was a slight increase in mid-June. Around October, interest rates fell to about the same arrow as at the start of the year. Borrowing money in October was therefore possible at the same interest rate as in January.

Whereas interest rates on a revolving credit have had a reasonably stable year, savings rates have fallen sharply in the past year. More about the savings interest rates of 2012 and the expectations for 2013 can be found under ‘Savings interest expectation 2013’.

In contrast, the 3-month Euribor, the rate at which banks grant each other loans, fell sharply in 2012. Where a rate of 1,343 was recorded in January, it had fallen to 0.19 in December.

The fall in 3-month Euribor has had no impact on the interest on the revolving credit. Due to the uncertainty on the financial markets, most banks are not ready to lend money. Because lenders have been charging high margins on top of market rates for some time, they are not forced to increase them either.

Mortgage interest rate 2012

Mortgage interest rate 2012

The variable mortgage interest rate continued the upward trend of last year in January 2012. This shows an inventory of the mortgage rates carried out by Pearl. In January of this year, the average variable interest rate on an interest-only mortgage was 3.65 percent, also the highest rate this year. The variable interest rate fell slightly each month from January onwards, reaching 3.22 percent in December.

The average 5-year fixed-rate mortgage interest rate showed a downward trend until May of this year. This interest rate rose slightly in mid-July (to 4.09 percent). In the remainder of the year, the trend was fairly stable and in December it averaged 4.1.

10-year fixed-rate mortgage rate

10-year fixed-rate mortgage rate

The 10-year fixed-rate mortgage rate had a fairly stable year, with a slight outperformance down in May. The rate on a 10-year government loan, on the other hand, experienced a somewhat grim course. The capital market interest rate started the year at 2.24 and fell sharply in June (to 1.56). In July it was just above 2.0, before falling to a level of 1.59 in December.

Because the crisis is expected to continue in the coming year, experts expect that interest rates for mortgages with a long fixed-rate period will fall (slightly) further in the coming period.

Mortgage interest rates for 20 years also had little to do with fluctuations this year. In January it was still at an average rate of 5.80 percent, in December it was 5.79 percent.


The first free loan without a register immediately to an account up to CZK 10000

Free things can surely delight, be it a sample of perfume or tasting ice cream. In the financial sphere, we can open a bank account free of charge, and its management also costs us nothing even withdrawals from foreign ATMs. Non-banking companies can provide us with interest-free money. What does such a first free loan look like?

First free loan immediately to payday

There is an increasing demand for free payday loans. You may be wondering what these companies do, but believe it is a good marketing move. After repaying the loan, there is a very good chance that you will come back and borrow again. Remember that this “action” usually only applies to the first loan. Money without interest is certainly fine and can be used to pay or to pay for unexpected expenses.

First free loan immediately to your bank account

Each client must meet conditions that may vary slightly for each company. The loan can be sought only by a person over 18 years of age, who has Czech citizenship and has his / her own bank account. The big advantage is that there is a good chance that the loan will be approved for a free loan. Thus, mothers on maternity leave, pensioners and / or students will also receive a free loan.

Loan up to 10000 free

Loan up to 10000 free

The usual amount that can be obtained for free is 10000 with a maturity of around one month. Keep in mind that the provider must verify your solvency. An entry in the debtors register may not be such a major problem, but sometimes this is the reason for rejecting the application.

Benefits of the first free loan

Benefits of the first free loan

  • you will not overpay an extra crown (if you meet the basic conditions)
  • low demands on applicants
  • you don’t need a guarantor
  • no collateral required
  • money is transferred immediately to your bank account
  • you don’t have to visit any branch

Disadvantages of the first free loan

Disadvantages of the first free loan

  • low maturity
  • A loan extension is usually charged
  • low amount to rent
  • only the first loan is free

Frequently Asked Questions for the First Free Loan

Can I borrow even if I am currently unemployed or in probation?
Even in this case, you can apply for a loan, but unfortunately your chances are reduced.

I am interested in more than 10000, can I borrow 50000 free of charge?
Unfortunately, such high amounts are not eligible for the promotion

Can a mother get a free loan on maternity leave or self-employed?
Yes, both of them are entitled to a zero overpayment loan

Do I have to prove my income?
Yes, usually a bank statement or a pay slip is required.

Compare loans that are free

For each non-bank provider you will find different parameters of the free loan, so it is recommended that you browse multiple pages. If you do not know where to start try independent comparators of non-bank products that will certainly help you make decisions.


Borrowing 800 Euros Without Credit Check | Loans

Where can you borrow 800 euros without a BKR check, read how you can borrow a small amount quickly and easily. Borrow an amount up to a maximum of 800 euros and receive this on your account the next working day.

If you have borrowed earlier, the requested amount will be transferred to your account within half an hour. The application can only be done online and is done in less than 5 minutes. There are extra costs for this option, keep an eye on these and read the conditions carefully, so you know exactly where you stand.

Borrow 800 euros without a BKR check

Borrow money

In some cases a test credit of 1 cent is made with an initial mini loan that you request, this is to check whether you have provided the correct account number. If you have an ABN AMRO account, 1 cent is transferred to you, if you have an account running somewhere else, you must transfer 1 cent yourself. If you have a negative BKR listing because you are in arrears somewhere, then this is not a problem for applying for a mini loan because there is no BKR check. This way, people who have a BKR listing can still borrow a small amount.

Request a mini loan

borrow money

If you are making a mini-loan application for the first time, you will receive an email with a pin code after you have completed the online forms. You can use this pin code to confirm your request and also to log in to the account created for you, so you can easily log in next time and if needed, simply request a follow-up loan. However, you must provide some papers, proof of identity and a bank statement that is no older than three months. Do not send this yet when applying, you will automatically receive an e-mail stating what you should send.

Loan amount Duration Pay APRP * Interest
€ 100 30 days € 101.08 13.99% € 1.08
€ 200 30 days € 202.16 13.99% € 2.16
€ 300 30 days € 303.24 13.99% € 3.24
€ 400 30 days € 404.32 13.99% € 4.32
€ 1000 62 days € 1016.43 13.99% € 16.43
€ 1500 62 days € 1525.11 13.99% € 25.11

Which conditions must I meet

borrow money

The conditions are simple, you must be at least 18 years old and earn at least 900 euros net per month. But it is looked into whether you can also pay back the loan, you can easily calculate this yourself by deducting your fixed costs from your monthly income. If there is enough left under the line to pay off the mini loan, there should be no problem.

Loan amount Maximum duration Deadlines maximum
€ 100 15/30 days 1
€ 200 15/30 days 1
€ 300 15/30 days 1
€ 400 30 days 1
€ 500 30/45 days 1
€ 600 45/62 days 2
€ 700 45 days 2
€ 800 45/62 days 2
€ 1000 62 days 2
€ 1100 62 days 2
€ 1200 62 days 2
€ 1300 62 days 2
€ 1400 62 days 2
€ 1500 62 days 2

How quickly do I have to pay back the 800 euros

payback loan

For 800 euros to borrow without BKR check you can choose from different options, 15, 30, or 45 days. Once you have agreed on this term and the 800 euro loan is complete, you cannot change this period afterwards.

For more information about borrowing money in general and borrowing money without a BKR check in particular, check out the website, full of useful tips to look out for when taking out a loan.