Can You Access The Tax Refund For Mortgage Credit Payments?

In Mexico, during the fiscal year of the fiscal year, the interest paid for the mortgage loan can be deducted, not the amount of the same.

According to article 151 of the Income Tax Law, the actual interest actually paid in the year can be deducted for mortgage loans destined for the acquisition of a house dwelling contracted with the institutions that make up the financial system.

You can deduct the real interest earned , that is, the already paid , from the credit with which you bought your house or apartment.

First, if we want to deduct these interests, we must be sure that they are being billed. The invoice is made by the lending institution that made the loan and receives these interests.

This invoice must contain your tax information : RFC, name, business name, itemized VAT, the location of the property and the interest paid, explains the website of the Tax Administration Service (SAT).


How does the deduction work?

How does the deduction work?

Real interest equals the interest rate applicable in the year you are deducting less annual inflation.

For example, if the interest rate is 12 percent and inflation 6 percent, the real interest is 6 percent, and that is what is deducted.

Deductions are a tax incentive that accelerates the payment of housing and financial sanitation. It also allows improving the level of family savings

It is best to go with an accountant to complete the procedure in order to obtain the best benefits.

If you will make the deduction, it is best to notify the Human Resources area of ​​your work.


Deduct Taxes

Deduct Taxes

  • The real interest is equivalent to the applicable interest rate in the year less annual inflation is deducted.
  • The value of the real estate must not exceed 750 thousand investment units (approximately $ 4.7 million pesos).
  • Go to your bank or go to the Infonavit portal to request your record of interests.

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