Credit without home visit

A loan can be taken out in a variety of ways these days. In the past, you always went to the house bank to audition for a loan. Can this be taken up at any independent bank today? No matter whether you are already a customer there or not.

Sometimes it happens that a loan is taken out through an intermediary. Even if this path always seems a bit dubious and has a slight aftertaste, there are still many consumers who get involved. Mostly when you have problems with the credit rating and therefore see no chance of a normal loan.

It is also possible to use classic credit models with an unfavorable credit rating. You only have to call in a second borrower to be able to draw a strong trowel from the large pool of loans. However, if you do not do this and therefore entrust yourself to a credit intermediary, you can have both good and negative experiences.

At this point we would like to show how a loan can be taken out without a home visit. Why a home visit is not a sign of special commitment, but mostly a sign of rip-off, and how a fair and above all solid credit can be taken out without a home visit, even in difficult situations.

Why home visit?

Why home visit?

If a so-called financial expert or credit broker suggests that the framework conditions for a loan be discussed within a home visit, the alarm bells should ring for everyone interested in credit. Because a home visit can only mean two things. On the one hand, that the intermediary has no proper office and therefore no branch where he can be visited and, on the other hand, that he has something to hide. After all, the bank employee does not come to the house when you want to open an account or apply for a credit card, but always invites you to the bank for a conversation.

Dubious credit brokers usually hope for quick money from a home visit. Many credit decisions are easier to make from your home sofa than when you have to go to a bank or a placement office. Therefore, the brokers in the living room try not only to bring a loan with horrendous interest claims and little security to the man or woman.

In this context, unnecessary insurance, dubious financial investments or contracts for asset-based benefits are also offered. All things that have nothing to do with the actual loan and that do not have a positive effect on its approval. Only the mediator earns something from these things – and that quite well.

Therefore, everyone who is offered a home-visit loan should listen closely. This can actually not bring good things with it and usually only causes a lot of costs. And that shouldn’t and shouldn’t be.

How does a loan work without a home visit?

How does a loan work without a home visit?

In principle, any serious loan offer can be availed without a home visit. A credit without a home visit is therefore not an exception, but the normality and should therefore not be questioned.

In the best case, you always inquire yourself about a wide variety of loan offers online. Nowadays there are so many different loan options that even the most unusual requests can be put into practice with the help of a loan without a home visit.

If no specific goal is pursued with borrowing, a classic installment loan can be the right choice. It is not tied to a specific purpose and can be used to buy birthday presents as well as to pay for your next vacation or to balance your checking account.

However, if a specific goal is linked to borrowing, such as the purchase of a vehicle or the renovation of a property, then a dedicated loan should be used. It brings various advantages with it, which are particularly interesting when your credit rating is somewhat weakened.

Once the right loan model has been found, the search for loan offers can begin. The cheapest offers from all German banks and savings banks are determined using a comparison calculator. On top of that, the loan can also be ordered via the Internet. With no credit intermediaries and no hidden costs. It is therefore not absolutely possible to personally go to a bank for a loan.

What are the requirements for a loan without a home visit?

What are the requirements for a loan without a home visit?

In order not to be dependent on dubious credit intermediaries, every borrower should make sure that he has a good credit rating. This includes a fixed income, a positive Credit Bureau and a permanent residence in Germany. If there are problems with the Credit Bureau, a foreign loan can help. Otherwise, we recommend always using a guarantor or a second applicant to borrow in order to optimally compensate for a poor credit rating.