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Where can you borrow 800 euros without a BKR check, read how you can borrow a small amount quickly and easily. Borrow an amount up to a maximum of 800 euros and receive this on your account the next working day.

If you have borrowed earlier, the requested amount will be transferred to your account within half an hour. The application can only be done online and is done in less than 5 minutes. There are extra costs for this option, keep an eye on these and read the conditions carefully, so you know exactly where you stand.

Borrow 800 euros without a BKR check

Borrow money

In some cases a test credit of 1 cent is made with an initial mini loan that you request, this is to check whether you have provided the correct account number. If you have an ABN AMRO account, 1 cent is transferred to you, if you have an account running somewhere else, you must transfer 1 cent yourself. If you have a negative BKR listing because you are in arrears somewhere, then this is not a problem for applying for a mini loan because there is no BKR check. This way, people who have a BKR listing can still borrow a small amount.

Request a mini loan

borrow money

If you are making a mini-loan application for the first time, you will receive an email with a pin code after you have completed the online forms. You can use this pin code to confirm your request and also to log in to the account created for you, so you can easily log in next time and if needed, simply request a follow-up loan. However, you must provide some papers, proof of identity and a bank statement that is no older than three months. Do not send this yet when applying, you will automatically receive an e-mail stating what you should send.

Loan amount Duration Pay APRP * Interest
€ 100 30 days € 101.08 13.99% € 1.08
€ 200 30 days € 202.16 13.99% € 2.16
€ 300 30 days € 303.24 13.99% € 3.24
€ 400 30 days € 404.32 13.99% € 4.32
€ 1000 62 days € 1016.43 13.99% € 16.43
€ 1500 62 days € 1525.11 13.99% € 25.11

Which conditions must I meet

borrow money

The conditions are simple, you must be at least 18 years old and earn at least 900 euros net per month. But it is looked into whether you can also pay back the loan, you can easily calculate this yourself by deducting your fixed costs from your monthly income. If there is enough left under the line to pay off the mini loan, there should be no problem.

Loan amount Maximum duration Deadlines maximum
€ 100 15/30 days 1
€ 200 15/30 days 1
€ 300 15/30 days 1
€ 400 30 days 1
€ 500 30/45 days 1
€ 600 45/62 days 2
€ 700 45 days 2
€ 800 45/62 days 2
€ 1000 62 days 2
€ 1100 62 days 2
€ 1200 62 days 2
€ 1300 62 days 2
€ 1400 62 days 2
€ 1500 62 days 2

How quickly do I have to pay back the 800 euros

payback loan

For 800 euros to borrow without BKR check you can choose from different options, 15, 30, or 45 days. Once you have agreed on this term and the 800 euro loan is complete, you cannot change this period afterwards.

For more information about borrowing money in general and borrowing money without a BKR check in particular, check out the website, full of useful tips to look out for when taking out a loan.


 What is a cash back mortgage?

Buying a house is an extremely expensive

Buying a house is an extremely expensive 

Let’s face it: buying a house is an extremely expensive financial investment and will probably be the most important investment of your life. But if the house itself is the most expensive part of the transaction, there is a host of other expenses related to the purchase of real estate. Think of all the furniture you need to equip your new home or any update or renovation needed to make the house live up to your expectations. These can translate into tens of thousands of dollars or more. You have already taken out a mortgage to finance your home, but perhaps this may not be enough to cover all other expenses related to home ownership. In addition, making a large down payment is another challenge many Canadians face when buying a home.

This is where a mortgage repayment can become very useful. This financial product is ideal for homebuyers who may have been eligible for a conventional mortgage to finance their home, but do not necessarily have the money to pay for furniture or renovation projects. Fortunately, there are many Canadian lenders that offer cash back mortgages when you take out a home loan. Cash back mortgages are becoming increasingly popular among borrowers, especially those who can only make small investments.

How does a repayment mortgage work?

How does a repayment mortgage work?

With a Cash Back Mortgage, the lender will advance you a lump sum cash upon closing of your mortgage. A certain percentage of the value of the property will be allowed to be refunded at the end. The most often awarded amount is 5% of the mortgage, although some lenders are more flexible in their offers and offer between 1% and 7% cash back. For example, if you borrow $ 300,000 to finance your home with a 5% cash back, your lender will provide you with an additional $ 15,000 (5% of $ 300,000). This means that you would get a total mortgage loan of $ 315,000. Money can be used as you please, but it is truly designed to help buyers who are having trouble getting a 5% down payment (the minimum down payment required to buy a home with a conventional mortgage).

It should be noted that only the initial amount of $ 300,000 would be recorded as a mortgage.

Eligible for a Cash Back Mortgage

Eligible for a Cash Back Mortgage

Before granting you a mortgage repayment, your lender will want to make sure you qualify for such a program. In general, you will first need to meet the following criteria:

  • Pay by the hour or pay (self-employed people are generally not eligible)
  • Have a credit rating of at least 650
  • Apply for a mortgage payment as a homeowner (no tenant should occupy the premises in question)

What are the disadvantages of a repayment mortgage?

What are the disadvantages of a repayment mortgage?

As useful as a mortgage repayment may be, borrowers should be aware of the potential disadvantages of such a financial product before accepting such a loan.

Higher interest rate – The main disadvantage of taking out a cash back mortgage is that you get a mortgage at the posted rates rather than the discounted rate, which could result in a much higher amount interest paid over the life of the loan. It is the added interest that pays for the money that your lender is able to give you. The posted rate will probably cost you almost twice the value of the Cash Back Amount.

Variable Rates Unavailable – If you were considering paying off your variable rate mortgage, you would not be lucky. Cash back mortgages are not available at variable rates. Many borrowers like the idea of ​​a variable rate mortgage when we think that rates will go down in the near future. If your budget can handle fluctuations in interest rates and, therefore, fluctuations in mortgage payments, floating rate mortgages can save you money. In fact, it has been shown that variable rate mortgages can save a lot of interest when they are contracted at the right time. Unfortunately, you do not have this option with a mortgage with repayment

Recovery Penalty Fee – Not only will you be required to pay a higher interest rate, but you may also be required to “recover” the original lump sum cash payment that was paid to you by your prorated lender. This would happen if you ever sell your home in the future, pay off the mortgage and do not use it to buy a new home. As an illustration, suppose you have recovered your $ 15,000 repayment on your $ 300,000 mortgage for a five-year term. After three years, you sell the house and pay your mortgage with the proceeds of the sale. At that time, you would be required to repay the $ 15,000 to the lender for the remaining two years of the five-year period

Not available for subprime borrowers – For a lender to approve you for a repayable mortgage, you must have a stellar credit. The majority of lenders will only issue repayable mortgages for borrowers with good credit ratings. You will also need to have a solid credit profile and a stable and adequate income that can be easily proven. Mortgages with a high ratio may also require an even higher credit rating to be approved.

Final word

Final word

If you’ve done everything you can to earn the last penny to save for a down payment but you’re running out of money, a mortgage with a refund may be a viable option, especially if there is absolutely no money in the pot to cover the cost of site development or necessary improvements. That said, you should also be wary of cash back mortgages before applying, as the cost can often overshadow all the financial benefits they can afford. Talk to your mortgage specialist to find out what’s best for you.


Securities Lending, Land Mortgages & Rural Development Mortgages

When dealing with banks, there are three types of financial transactions that can be difficult to acquire: banks are wary of securities lending, land mortgages & rural development mortgages because they think they are riskier than they are. other types of home loans. Here is an overview of these three transactions and what makes banks reluctant to offer them: see for more notes

Securities Lending (or Property Valuation Loans)

These types of loans are based on the value of a property owned and offered as collateral by an individual. Banks believe that these loans pose a high risk because, in the event that a client is not able to pay and they must seize the property, it can be extremely difficult to resell if it is in a weak market, or if it finds itself in a rural area, or if it has no established structure. With this difficulty of resale, the mistrust of the banks in front of the loans on titles is a little understandable.

Mortgages on Land/Properties

This type of mortgage is a loan facilitating the purchase of land or property. So, just like in the above securities loans, the emphasis in this case is on a property with no established structure. In the eyes of the bank, land that is undeveloped or undeveloped is considered less safe than a property with a structure or building: as such land requires a bank to pay more money for its development before it can recover if the client is unable to make payments, banks tend to ask for a first payment or a larger down payment than with other types of mortgages – ensuring that risk is reduced at least.

Rural development mortgages

These mortgages involve the purchase of land typically located outside urban centers and suburbs. Banks avoid these loans because they have one of the highest risk ratings of all types of mortgages. This is attributed to a number of factors: First, banks are limited in the amount they can claim as a down payment from the borrower and must therefore assume a larger share of the value of the loan. Then, if the client fails in his payments, or if the mortgage is reversed, it can be very difficult to resell the property due to its rural location.

That’s why these types of mortgages often take into consideration the value of the economic activity you seek to undertake with your new property. The banks want to know that if you find it impossible to make your payments, they will be able to put in place a different arrangement to recover their capital. They want this type of guarantee because they do not expect to be able to resell the property in a reasonable period of time or profitably.

The problem

These are the three main types of mortgage loans that banks avoid. Banks do not like risk, and, let’s face it, these three categories represent a significant risk because of the resale difficulty associated with their collateral.

The solution

What to do? If you want a mortgage of this kind, where can you turn? Do not be fooled by unreasonable “clauses” and “conditions” that can limit you. Do not be fooled by foolish service fees simply to have your request processed. Consider a private mortgage lender instead.

About private mortgage lenders

Private lenders are not banks. They have the freedom to decide on a case-by-case basis what level of risk they can afford. They are not subject to the same strict regulation as normal Canadian banks, and they do not ask for disproportionate down payments if they do not consider it necessary. They have the freedom to choose what they are able to undertake based on several factors and not just your ability to pay. They will work with you to find an arrangement that will satisfy all parties involved.


Can You Access The Tax Refund For Mortgage Credit Payments?

In Mexico, during the fiscal year of the fiscal year, the interest paid for the mortgage loan can be deducted, not the amount of the same.

According to article 151 of the Income Tax Law, the actual interest actually paid in the year can be deducted for mortgage loans destined for the acquisition of a house dwelling contracted with the institutions that make up the financial system.

You can deduct the real interest earned , that is, the already paid , from the credit with which you bought your house or apartment.

First, if we want to deduct these interests, we must be sure that they are being billed. The invoice is made by the lending institution that made the loan and receives these interests.

This invoice must contain your tax information : RFC, name, business name, itemized VAT, the location of the property and the interest paid, explains the website of the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

How does the deduction work?

How does the deduction work?

Real interest equals the interest rate applicable in the year you are deducting less annual inflation.

For example, if the interest rate is 12 percent and inflation 6 percent, the real interest is 6 percent, and that is what is deducted.

Deductions are a tax incentive that accelerates the payment of housing and financial sanitation. It also allows improving the level of family savings

It is best to go with an accountant to complete the procedure in order to obtain the best benefits.

If you will make the deduction, it is best to notify the Human Resources area of ​​your work.

Deduct Taxes

Deduct Taxes

  • The real interest is equivalent to the applicable interest rate in the year less annual inflation is deducted.
  • The value of the real estate must not exceed 750 thousand investment units (approximately $ 4.7 million pesos).
  • Go to your bank or go to the Infonavit portal to request your record of interests.

Requirements To Mortgage A House And Obtain A Payday Loan

If you are thinking of applying for a payday loan, one of the options you have is to use your home as collateral. In that case, it is good that you know what are the requirements to mortgage a house.

A freely available payday loan is one whose capital you can use as you wish. That is, there is no specific limitation of use, as if it exists in the loans granted for real estate purchases. It is possible that you obtain credit with that characteristic if you use your own property as a guarantee of payment.

Currently, there are many people who are opting for that type of credit, placing their homes as collateral. This operation is commonly known as a home mortgage, although the name of the loan is a payday loan with a mortgage guarantee.

Keep in mind that when placing your home under warranty there is a risk of losing it, if you default on your payments. Therefore, you should carefully analyze whether this option is the most convenient for your family.

What are the requirements to mortgage a house?

What are the requirements to mortgage a house?

In Mexico, there are different institutions that allow you to mortgage a house, therefore, each one has its own guidelines to carry out the procedure.

However, they all qualify the applicant as a whistle. The main aspects to take into account are :

  • The required age is between 18 and 65 years of age.
  • If you are currently working , it is important to check your income with recent payroll receipts. Probably, they ask you for bank statements, your registration with the Ministry of Finance and a socioeconomic study (normally, it is done in your home and workplace).

In case of obtaining a variable salary, savings plans can be very useful as a valid support to demonstrate your punctuality and ability to pay.

The credit history

The credit history

Your performance will be verified as an efficient creditor in previous and current credits, for example: credit cards, vehicle financing and credits in department stores.

In turn, they will analyze the level of indebtedness you have to determine whether or not you are a candidate for a mortgage, of course, this will be evaluated by the respective institution.

After analyzing your level of indebtedness

The institutions verify the amount you have available monthly to know the totality to be financed.

Most entities approve financing taking into account the allocation of 30% of your gross income to the monthly payment.